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System SupplyMaintenance, Service & Warranties

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) provides clear and specific guidelines and instructions on solar system installations' maintenance, service, and warranties which Engineering Energy continuously comply with.

System Supply
Residential and Commercial

Engineering Energy consistently completes all projects on time and within budget.


Our System Supply Service provides technical and commercial support in preparing proposals and quotations relevant to the household's needs.


We have broad-based experience conducting advanced technical analyses, including capacity designs, calculations, load studies, constellation and electrical configurations, lifecycle costs, and equipment selection.

The relevant state electrical authority carries out inspections following an installation. We at Engineering Energy inspect each installation before connecting to the distribution network or grid. The Clean Energy Council also carries out audits within 12 months after commissioning an installation. 

We provide:

  • An accurate energy consumption load profile, financial analysis breaking down the cost and providing a clear understanding to the customer

  • A system size that meets and covers the consumer's costs for the term of the installation

  • Proposed roof plan showing the layout of the solar panels

  • Optimum installation orientation maximising performance and outputs

  • Advice on the most suitable retail contract for the premisses ensuring the most appropriate feeding tariff maximising the rate of return to the customer

From the get-go, we at Engineering Energy are renowned for our attention to detail and compliance with the Grid-Connected PV System: Install and Supervise Guidelines for Accredited Installers when installing each system. We work with and for the manufacturing term of the system based on its performance estimate. In all cases, the performance estimate is run for 25 years, and therefore we install the product for that term at the very least.


Our installers are licensed electricians accredited by the CEC (Clean Energy Council). We take safety into extreme consideration and train our staff to comply with industry guidelines. The customer is regarded as the most critical contact in the installation process, and we are always happy to listen and understand the client's requests. We provide instructions on the system's operation, including emergency shut down procedures. We also provide a system inverter, module or battery wifi configuration so that the customer can read the inverter's outputs and performance values directly from their smart device such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and so on…


We make careful preparation for each installation, starting from the design stages. In most cases, we conduct a site inspection to determine the most appropriate installation methods saving time and money once the project commences. On the rare occasion that we are posed with supply authority restrictions depending on various network standards, we are prepared to take all measures necessary in providing the most suitable solution for the proposed solar generator.

Our staff provide a low maintenance solution both on the installation and operation of the system along with a detailed explanation process advising on the most suitable investment strategy eliminating billing and increasing the financial return for each project. 


Without fail, all equipment provided comply with Australian Standards for the design and installation of approved products for inverters, models and battery storage systems under the Clean Energy Council, industry warranty and manufacturing guidelines.

We only install products listed on the approved products list eligible to receive Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES).

The CEC website hosts a "Terms and Conditions" section for all products that provides a valuable reference for the compliance process. 


We provide the consumer with a performance estimate to determine the system's output and production values. We also provide detailed designs so that the consumer can visualise the semblance of the installation. 

System Supply

System Maintenance

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) provides clear and specific guidelines and instructions on solar system installations' maintenance, service, and warranties.


Engineering Energy's work ethics align with the Clean Energy Council (CEC) Code of Conduct and guidelines.

The CEC provides clear and specific guidelines and instructions on the maintenance service and warranties of an installation. We provide a maintenance  schedule for each installation undertaking a regular inspection to ensure your installation is: 

1. operating correctly 

2. the performance is maintained 

3. the system is safe for everyone on the premises as well as the electrical worker working at the distribution network.

We provide:

  • Maintenance schedule

  • Detailed Plan and information for system safe and effective operation

  • Yearly system inspection and testing (Review the inverter display panel for recorded faults, check the isolator switches have not been impeded, ensure the emergency procedures for shutdown and isolation are clearly displayed

  • Check the shutdown and isolation emergency process

  • Check and follow instructions and actions in the event of an earth fault alarm

System Mantenne

System Service

Servicing an installation is a retailer’s responsibility. We have the means to ensure that each product is covered under manufacturing and industry standards. Also, our licenced electricians and accredited installers are responsible for the workmanship of the installation for up to five years after the installation.

System Warranty

All products are coupled with a warranty, and documentation is provided with the installation for each component. We, the retailer, are the primary party responsible for arranging the repair or replacement of faulty products.

If we are unable to assist and act on your behalf we expect the customer to contact the manufacturer for further assistance. If this is unsuccessful you will need to lodge a complaint with the relevant Office of Fair Trading or Consumer Affairs in your state or territory. The Clean Energy Council is not empowered to handle consumer warranties. 

System Service
System Warranty
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