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Location: Barden Ridge

System Size: 7.4 KW 

The New family had an average bill of $550.00 per quarter. Mr New asked Engineering Energy to revise his profile and provide an above-average energy costs solution. 

Mr New's 7.4 KW system is estimated to provide $600.00 of energy credit per quarter, thus eliminating electricity costs.

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Location: Barden Ridge

System Size: 13.23 KW

Mr & Mrs Commbe had an existing system of 8.8kW, which still generated a bill of $ 300.00 per quarter. We were referred to Mr Commbe to solve the existing energy cost. Upon evaluating the system, we concluded that increasing the current installation size would be the best solution for the premiss. We then designed a 13.23 kW array increasing the existing system by 4.4 kW.

The system extension provided an extra $350.00 credit per quarter, eliminating the overall expenses.



Location: Arncliffe

System Size: 20.35 KW


 A homeowner with a family of 6 and draws a $450.00 electrical bill coupled with a $400.00 gas bill making the total energy payment $850.00 per quarter.

The owner requested Engineering Energy provide a quote for an installation to cover his costs.

The ample roof space at the property allowed for a larger than usual system proposal. Based on the rate of return and the standard of equipment and  products supplied, the owner decided on a 20.35 kW design. A system of that size will produce a minimum credit of $1600.00 per quarter to cover both energy bills and provide a generous amount of credit for his expenses.

Olympic Park.jpeg


Location: Olympic Stadium Sydney

System Size: 100 KW

A 100kW Solar array installed using 312 Trina 320 Watt Solar panels and two 50kW ABB Commercial-scale inverters were installed on the International Olympic Park Netball courts based in Olympic Park.


Project complexity: The roof was 26 meters off the ground, and it wasn't a standard roof. Building structural design documents were made available at short notice.


The inverters were installed in a custom-made shelter and the grid protection boards. 


The design stages of the installation were relatively straightforward.

The electrical schematics and building structural design documents were made available at short notice. 

Despite the project's complexity, the installation time was approximately four weeks, ending in a great result.


The Olympic Park Administration has requested we install an additional 100kW on the same sight. 

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