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Engineering Energy

Since 2015 Engineering Energy Pty Ltd has consulted consumers on the process of solar renewable energy, Primarily the benefits and rewards of the environmental and financial attribute’s associated with the investment.


Our task as renewable industry representatives involve work practices in line with Australian Standards meeting industry and governmental guidelines.


Our team includes many experienced industry participants, from our marketing and sales team to designer electricians and administrators. We work collectively in the accomplishments of our tasks.


As an Australian owned and managed company, we pride ourselves on a high standard of work and the support process that leaves no stone unturned in the commissioning and completion of the project. 


Our inspiration derives from the realisation that in today’s fast-developing world, we must adhere to and encompass our environmental responsibilities and, as a result, reduce global warming.


Our systems generate a reliable source of fossil fuel-free energy securing the consumer as part of a more significant industry objective.



Engineering Energy Pty Ltd

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Founder and Principal

Adam is the founder of Engineering Energy and an Electrician with over 20 years of experience across large-scale electrical service works - from proposal phase, conceptual/schematic design, and design development; through to budget administration, construction oversight, project management, documentation and closeout. Transferrable experience in photovoltaic (PV) and renewable energy system design, including overseeing concept to commissioning for on and off-grid solar rooftop projects across industrial, commercial and residential sectors. delivering cost-efficient electrical system designs that focus on power maintainability and fault tolerance whilst strictly complying with energy safety guidelines and protocols.

Adam Salim is a Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer - Grid-connect Design & Install and SPS PV Design & Install of Photovoltaic Power Systems Electrical Engineer.

Now with a solid reputation and set of  established  accomplishment Engineering Energy Pty Ltd has set an administered standard moving into retail commercial energy objectives for the sale of energy generation to the end consumer. 

Our approach towards the energy market regulators and complementary environmental responsibilities agencies are our teams and  members over all objective ensuring national industry level of service and flexibility when delivering on each project. 

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