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Developing Innovative

Clean Energy Solutions



We have been randomly selected to be inspected by the Clean Energy Regulator, a statutory agency that administers the Australian Government's Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme.

Inspector's comments: The system complies with all relevant standards and requirements for the installation. No safety, performance or documentation issues have been identified. The workmanship and equipment layout are of a high standard. No rectification work is required.


As a Solar System provider, our main focal points are Residential and Commercial-scale solar systems.

Our professional team aim to provide the client with a detailed understanding and an energy solution that meets the premise's financial and load rate consumption profiles.

Engineering Energy supplies, installs, services and maintains Photovoltaic (PV) and Renewable Energy Systems for residential and commercial sites.

We have a solid reputation for our preparation and execution all projects on time and within budget.



Since 2015 Engineering Energy Pty Ltd has consulted consumers on the process of solar renewable energy, Primarily the benefits and rewards of the environmental and financial attribute’s associated with the investment.


Our task as renewable industry representatives involves industry work practices in line with Australian Standards meeting regulator and governmental guidelines.


Our team includes many experienced industry participants, from our marketing and sales team to designer electricians and administrators. We work collectively in the accomplishments of our tasks.


As an Australian owned and managed company, we pride ourselves on a high standard of work and the support process that leaves no stone unturned in the commissioning and completion of the project. 


Our inspiration derives from the realisation that in today’s fast-developing world, we must adhere to and encompass our environmental responsibilities and, as a result, reduce global warming.


Our systems generate a reliable source of fossil fuel-free energy securing the consumer as part of a more significant industry objective.




On behalf of Dean & Joanne Coombie I would like to thank Engineering Energy for an outstanding job planning, explaining and providing a solution to our energy consumption. From the get-go, Adam displayed his expertise and guided me through the steps of upgrading our system. He also provided the most suitable advice for our retail contract which further complemented our savings. 


Thank you guys at Engineering Energy great work.



Dean & Joanne Coombe

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